Sailing InTuition teams up with Marlow

Sailing at Largs on the clyde scotland.
Sailing at Largs on the clyde scotland.

We are pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Marlow ropes for the replacement of running rigging onboard sailing yacht, InTuition.

Having circumnavigated the world using Marlow ropes during the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race I have learned to trust them.  In the Southern Ocean and north Pacific we dealt with hurricane force winds and horrendous sea states. Although still racing hard, safety was at the forefront of our minds and we soon learned that we could trust the lines on board.

Now with Sailing InTuition the decision was easy when running rigging needed replacing, Marlow was the brand of rope that we needed for low stretch, strength and chafe resistance.

During our 2020 winter refit we are replacing critical lines first. Marlow’s low stretch options have allowed us to reduce rope diameter making lines lighter and easier to handle. We are looking forwards to a busy season to put them through their paces.

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