Close quarter boat handling

For those who would like to drive their yacht or charter yacht like a professional the RYA courses offer good training. The Day skipper course or Coastal skipper course would be good RYA courses to consider.

There will be lots of people who are in a position where they have already done these courses and specifically want to just do berthing practice within the marina. For these people the Close quarter boat handling is the course for you.

This is the prefect course for those who want to learn how to park all small yachts well in a variety of conditions. The course aims to start with the fundamentals, do them really well and then push on to some really tricky and tight berths by the end of the 2 day course. We start in an open area, look at prop walk and prop wash and how we can use these effects to our advantage, We consider the elements of wind and tide and practice forwards and reverse manoeuvres, and turning in a confined space.  From there we spend lots of time on the helm until practice makes perfect. Only four spaces are available on this weekend course to maximise time on the helm.

Engine checks, crew communication and ropework are included. Time will also be spent looking at use of springs and short handed berthing.

By the end of the weekend, you will be able to confidently berth in some really tight spots. This takes the stress out of going for a sail or arriving in a new unknown marina.