Yachtmaster Prep

Yachtmaster prep in Scotland
RYA Yachtmaster preparation from Largs on the Clyde

Are you ready for the final push to become a Yachtmaster offshore or coastal with some inttensive training before your RYA exam? Do you have your qualifying seatime and knowledge at the right level, but need some time with an instructor on the boat you will be examined on to polish your skills? If this sounds like you then this Yachtmaster prep course is the one for you. You will get to know the boat inside out with your fellow crew mates. You will practice Yachtmaster level manoeuvres on the Clyde so when the RYA examiner steps on board during the last 2 days you are confident and ready for the exam. The instructor will be an RYA examiner.

Detail of Yachtmaster Offshore and Coastal can be found here.

If you don’t quite have the pre-course experience then our milebuilders and other RYA courses can help.

The exam fee is not included

Pre-course experience:

Coastal – 30 days at sea, 800 miles, 12 night hours and 2 days skippering

Offshore – 50 days at sea, 2500 miles, 5 x 60 mile passages (2 of which are overnight, 2 as skipper) and 5 days skippering.

Assumed knowledge: Yachtmaster theory

Necessary certification: A GMDSS Short range certificate and a valid first aid certificate

Minimum age: 18

Course starts: Saturday 09:00 @ Largs Scotland