Why the Clyde is perfect for RYA Day Skipper courses in Scotland

There are lots of options in Scotland and the UK if you are thinking about doing an RYA Day Skipper or Competent Crew course but Daniel of Sailing InTuition recommends the Clyde in Scotland as being number one.

“Undertaking a Scottish RYA Day Skipper or Competent crew Course is a great idea, with recent travel disruption due to Covid-19 the Clyde should be considered for RYA training, but that isn’t the only reason”. Here are some of the reasons why the Clyde should be considered the best place to come for Scottish and UK sailors.

Beautiful scenery

The scenery on the Clyde is breath taking and the Clyde has it all. From the mountainous North of Arran to the rolling hills of Bute the Scottish scenery will be a memorable part of your Day Skipper training course on the Clyde. The course will spend some time visiting secluded and remote anchorage and when the weather is good the views are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Challenging conditions

Daniel learned to sail and race on the Clyde and from there went on to race round the world as part of the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race coming 2nd overall. He puts it down to the varied Scottish sailing conditions experienced on the Clyde. On an RYA Day Skipper or Competent Crew course you want a bit of everything. Sheltered waters are necessary with access to more exposed conditions to stretch the students. It is also great for students to experience some tidal effects. The Clyde isn’t so tidal that it limits what we can do but it is an important factor to consider when planning a day with a significant range and places such as the Burnt Islands in the Kyles of Bute experiencing a significant stream. This is a great learning environment for an RYA course, ideal for Day Skipper and Competent crew.

Varied traffic

It is a pain to be dodging tankers and ferries all day and can spoil a nice sail. It is necessary however to gain a practical understanding of the Collision Regulation to have some examples throughout the day of different vessels.  Certain areas of the Clyde have denser traffic and a night time passage into the river always delivers traffic of various sizes and descriptions. This is perfect for a Day Skipper course.

Tricky anchorages

It is important not to make an RYA Day Skipper course too easy.  The Clyde is full of anchorages and harbours which require tricky pilotage to get into. Training here will stretch the students so when they are doing it for real on a charter boat with friends or family in conditions which might not be ideal they are not fazed.

RYA Day skipper and Competent Crew have spaces available throughout the season. Book online or email Daniel Smith to find out more.