Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are written in plain language to allow them to be easily understood. Their aim is to formalise the understanding between you the customer and Sailing InTuition. Sailing InTuition is the trading name of Daniel Smith Sailing Ltd, Company number SC643251 with registered office at 2 Overton Drive, West Kilbride, KA239LH.

By Booking with Sailing InTuition you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Payment is taken via online booking on the website sailingintuition.com. Generally a 20% deposit confirms the booking with the balance due 6 weeks before the first day of the course.

For bespoke courses agreed via email or on the phone payment can be made via BACs by contacting Sailing Intuition for bank details.

For bookings of courses due to start within the next 6 weeks full payment is needed in order to confirm the booking.

If the balance of the course is not paid upon request at the start of the 6 week period we have the right to cancel your booking.

Special requests and booking preferences

Where possible we will try and fulfil special requests such as being with a particular instructor or onboard a particular boat. However, Sailing InTuition is under no obligation to meet these requests.

Cancellation by you

Although this cancellation policy is designed to protect Sailing InTuition from late cancellations if there is a problem with illness or bereavement it is worth informing us as soon as possible. Due to other bookings, customers, boat availability and instructor availability it isn’t always possible to help but where we can we will be as helpful as possible.

Booked dates are final. It may not be possible to change dates once you have booked. You may cancel your course at any time. Written notification via email must be given.

Cancellation will be effective on the day notification is received. Cancellation charges are as follows:

Cancellation > 2 months prior to start of course will incur a fee of £50;

Cancellation 2-1 month will incur a fee of 50% of total;

Cancellation 1 month-2 weeks will incur a fee of 75% of total;

Cancellation 2 weeks or less: will incur a fee of 100% of total.

Cancellations will be made to the card or to the bank account the booking was made from.

If an individual booking is cancelled at late notice due to Covid-19 or other illness we will offer you a chance to reschedule by offering late availability places on future courses.

If a group booking is cancelled at late notice due to Covid-19 or other illness no rescheduling will be offered.

It is recommended that customers take out their own travel / cancellation insurance to protect them if they do need to make a late cancellation.

If you are late and are not at the designated meeting place for the start of the course Sailing InTuition will try and contact you via phone or email. For short delays we may be able to wait but for anything other than a short delay we may need to start the course without you.

Cancellation by Sailing InTuition and Force Majeure

Due to weather, breakage, staff sickness, Force Majeure or any other reason Sailing InTuition reserves the right to cancel the course. If this occurs we will try and notify you as soon as possible. In this situation, alternative dates are offered first and then credit which can be spent on any sailing InTuition course. If rescheduling or credit can’t be agreed a full refund will be offered.

There will be occasions when Sailing InTuition starts but cannot follow the planned course timetable due to weather or some other unforeseen circumstance. When this is the case we will do what is reasonable to make sure you get the most out of the course that we can manage.

Courses will sometimes be cancelled due to lack of bookings. Minimum numbers onboard are necessary to make the business financially viable.  When this is looking likely we will try and let you know with a month to go with a final decision being made 2 weeks before the start of the course. In this situation, alternative dates are offered first and then credit which can be spent on any sailing InTuition course. If rescheduling or credit can’t be agreed a full refund will be offered.

If your booking is cancelled we will not be liable for any other costs or losses of any nature to you other than to refund the price of the course.

Insurance and liability

You are strongly advised to arrange your own insurance to cover against personal accident, cancellation, medical problems or damage to belongings.
Our yacht is fully insured against accidents and third party liability.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Sailing Intuition, its directors, employees, servants, agents, affiliates and any other of our representatives exclude liability to you for any loss, damage, claim, cost, expense (including court costs and legal fees) or injury suffered by you and/or to your property whilst participating in a course, unless such loss was caused as a direct result of the gross negligence of Sailing InTuition.

Sailing InTuition do not encourage expensive belongings being brought onboard as they are easily lost or damaged. We accept no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of belongings that are brought onboard.

When found, lost property will be stored for 3 weeks before it is disposed of. After this time no claim can be made by you to recover the lost property.

Injuries and major incidents

Sailing can be a potentially dangerous activity. Participating is completely voluntary. You need to remain vigilant when onboard and take responsibility for your own safety. Dangers onboard include but are not limited to fire, man overboard, injury from the boom, rope or winch, injury in the galley, slips, trips and sprains.

In the case of an accident or incident onboard where you become injured or ill the skipper or other qualified person will administer first aid. Sailing InTuition will not be liable for any damages or injuries caused, unless proven negligent.

In the unlikely event of a major incident you agree to work with us or the authorities in determining the circumstances. You will also refrain from speaking to the media or make public comment about the event whilst it is under investigation.

Course duration

Our courses typically run for either 1, 2, 5 , 7 or 10 days

Unless otherwise stated all courses start and finish at Largs Yacht Haven.

The joining day and time is indicated at the time of booking and on joining instructions.

The time that the course finishes will be indicated at the time of booking and within the joining instructions.

Sometimes sailing courses can be late finishing because the yacht is late back due to weather, breakage or other unforeseen reason. You should allow sufficient flexibility in travel arrangements to accommodate this. When this is the case we will advise as early as possible and provide accommodation and food onboard until return to harbour.


For practical sailing courses accommodation is onboard. Yacht InTuition has 2 double cabins and 2 single saloon berths in a communal area. When booking with a partner or friend you will likely be assigned to share a double cabin. When booking as a single you may be assigned a saloon berth or sharing a double cabin with an unrelated customer of the same sex. If the boat is not booked to full capacity a single person may be offered a double cabin but this should not be assumed.

If you desire single occupancy of a double cabin for your own privacy and comfort this might be possible for the extra fee of 50% of the course cost. Please email this request in early.

You should bring your own bedding (sheet, pillow and sleeping bag).

Theory and shorebased courses do not include accommodation.

Male / female split onboard

Unless you book on an all woman cruise you should assume that your instructor or fellow crew members could be either male or female. If you have any concerns about the make up of the crew please email Daniel Smith who can try and make sure you sail with a crew that works for you.

Instructors and skippers used

Many of the courses are skippered by Daniel Smith although this isn’t always the case. We are very careful to choose the best instructors who are all experts at what they do and who have lots of experience to share with you.

Often people who come back wish to sail with an instructor they sailed with last time. If this is the case we will try and make this possible if we can. Please email requests to Daniel.

Sometimes due to illness or some other reason the planned instructor has to change. We will try not to do this unless we need to.


Food will be provided by Sailing InTuition for the duration of a practical sailing course.

Theory courses do not include food but will include tea and coffee and biscuits.

Sailing InTuition need to be informed of any dietary requirements at least 2 weeks before the start of the practical sailing course

Any meals ashore are optional and will not be paid for by Sailing InTuition.

Water will be provided via a water tank onboard. Bottled water will not be supplied by Sailing InTuition

Suitable clothing

The cost of the course does not include waterproofs. These can be rented if desired.

Non slip shoes or boots are recommended for safety onboard.

Duties on board

All Customers will be expected to participate in the cooking, cleaning and tidying of the yacht.

Customers will be expected to help clean the vessel at the end of the course.

Skipper, Instructors or Principals decisions

When onboard, the skipper’s decision is final and you should comply with any reasonable request made by them

If you are unable to follow reasonable requests by the skipper or if you are antisocial, dangerous or abusive, the skipper may decide to leave you at the nearest harbour, no liability will be placed on Sailing InTuition to return you to your place of departure or for any other expenses. You will not be entitled to a refund.

Course completion and certification

Attendence of an RYA course does not guarantee successful completion or a certificate being issued. Lots of factors such as weather, previous experience and how quickly you pick up the content will determine whether a certificate is issued.

All certificate fees are included apart from for Yachtmaster and SRC exams that have an extra fee the student will be required to pay to the examiner.


All Customers must be over the age of 18, unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or chaperone. Where there is a person of under 18 years old, the parent, guardian or chaperone must agrees to these Terms and Conditions on their behalf.

There is no upper age limit on our courses although you should ensure you are fit and well enough to safely take part in the course.


Sailing is an active sport, it requires a certain level of health and fitness to participate. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit enough to be able to take part. If you are unsure about your health or fitness level and your suitability to take part in a course you should contact Sailing InTuition before booking. You must also consult your doctor. If a health issue arises during the course, the Skipper or instructor will take appropriate action.

It maybe that any health issue you have or develop on the course means that the course cannot continue for you. In this case we cannot be held responsible for any associated costs of refunds of unspent course time.

If you show any signs of infectious disease (not limited to Covid-19) on joining a course, we may ask you to be tested at your expense and not allow you to join until a negative result is shown. If this takes time we cannot delay the boats departure. If you show and develop symptoms during a trip you will be provided with a face covering and requested to isolate until we can come to the nearest practical harbour or confirm you are not carrying an infectious disease.

Prior to your course you should ensure that:

you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19

you and your immediate family or persons you live with do not and have not had the Covid-19 in the last 10 days

you have not been in close contact with anyone having Covid-19

If you cannot confirm the above you will be asked to take a Covid-19 test.

If you develop Symptoms of Covid-19 during  your time on a course you will have to withdraw.

We will take all reasonable precautionary measures per our risk assessment to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infections.

We may require proof of a negative Covid test prior to joining a course, We ask that the test be within 24 hours of the course start date.

Alcohol, Smoking and Illegal Substances

Alcohol is permitted onboard but should not be consumed when the vessel is underway. You should also not be under the influence of alcohol when underway. You are a crew member not a passenger and may be needed at short notice to assist with duties onboard. Therefore alcohol should only be enjoyed in moderation and at the appropriate time with permission of the skipper.

Illegal substances are not permitted onboard.

Smoking is only permitted on deck when it can be done safely downwind of everybody else. Smokers should smoke on land away from the boat when possible.

Own boat tuition, skippering and deliveries

Sailing InTuition offers own boat tuition, skippering services and boat deliveries. It is your responsibility to ensure that the boat is adequately insured for the activity being undertaken. Sailing InTuition accept no responsibility or liability for any damage caused by incident or accident when skippering, delivering or instructing.

When skippering, delivering or instructing we ask you to ensure that the boat is safe and fit for purpose. If you are unsure about what the standards are and what equipment is necessary please speak to sailing InTuition who can offer advice.

You will be expected to reimburse any travelling or out-of-pocket expenses from Largs Yacht Haven to where the vessel is lying.

You will be expected to provide the instructor or skipper victualing whilst onboard.

Complaints and disputes

Any disputes or concerns should be raised with the skipper at the earliest opportunity.

Any complaints should be made in writing, in the first instance to the Principal Daniel Smith, and every effort will be made to reach an amicable solution.  If a satisfactory conclusion is not reached, then you have the right to contact the RYA to assist with the complaints procedure.


Daniel Smith

2 Overton Drive,

West Kilbride,

North Ayrshire,


Telephone 07771804723



023 8060 4100

RYA House,

Ensign Way,

Hamble, Hants, SO31 4YA