Intensive fast track yachtmaster

RYA Yachtmaster intensive course
Helming sailing yacht on RYA yachtmaster training on Clyde in Scotland

This is the course for RYA Coastal skippers who are ready for the final push to get themselves up to Yachtmaster level. The fast track course is preceded by a Coastal Skipper course which can easily be added to the program.

The course will focus on building mileage, filling gaps in pre-requisites and training students to get their sailing ability up to YachtMaster level. The final stage of the course is exam preparation completing intensive training and mock exams ready for the final exam when the RYA Yachtmaster examiner steps onboard.

It is made up of the following courses; Better sailing, 5 day mile builder,  close quarter boat handling, YachtMaster prep and mock exams, final prep and exam days.

Details of the RYA certificate of competence can be found here.

The exam fee is not included.

Pre-course experience should be near:

Coastal – 30 days at sea, 800 miles, 12 night hours and 2 days skippering

Offshore – 50 days at sea(including 5 days as skipper), 2500miles, five 60 mile passages (2 of which are overnight and 2 as skipper)

Assumed knowledge: YachtMaster theory (although sometime during the course can be spent revising parts of this).

Necessary certification: A GMDSS Short range certificate and a valid first aid certificate

Minimum age: 18

Course starts: Saturday 09:00 @ Largs, Scotland