Family sailing holiday

Own boat tuition
Family sailing holidays on the Clyde

If you have a family or a group who want to get out sailing in Scotland then we can help out. Yacht InTuition has space for 7 people in comfortable accommodation and whether you have never sailed before or you’d rather not have the worry of skippering the boat we can give you a holiday to remember with our Scottish family sailing holidays

Your skipper can be as involved as you like and can even just be there as someone to help sail the boat and be ready to take over if it all gets a bit exciting.

There is plenty to see and do on the Clyde or further afield for our 7 day courses. With a family sailing you are in control and get to make the decisions of where you want to go and how much sailing or exploring you want to do each day.

For 1 day trips see our Family Day Sail.

Days: 2, 5 or 7 days

Spaces on board: 7

Please email for prices or more information.