RYA Yachtmaster preparation and mock exam from Largs on the Clyde in Scotland

RYA yachtmaster exam at Largs on the Clyde in Scotland
Sailing during RYA Yachtmaster exam on the clyde

Not quite sure if you are ready for your RYA YachtMaster exam? Spend 3 days with an RYA examiner being trained at the required standard before sitting a mock exam. The course will be run by an RYA Yachtmaster examiner. On completion, find out if you would have passed or failed and receive a constructive debrief on performance with action plan to take forwards.

Details of Yachtmaster Offshore and Coastal can be found here.

If you don’t quite have the pre-course experience then our milebuilders and other RYA courses can help.

Pre-course experience:

Coastal – 30 days at sea, 800 miles, 12 night hours and 2 days skippering

Offshore – 50 days at sea(five as skipper), 2500miles, five 60 mile passages (including two overnights and two as skipper)

Assumed knowledge: YachtMaster theory.

Necessary certification: A GMDSS Short range certificate and a valid first aid certificate

Minimum age:  18

Course starts: 09:00 @ Largs Scotland