Return to yachting guidelines


  • Sailing groups will be limited to those from 1 household.
  • If going below and touching anything hands will be washed on the way below and on the way back onto deck.
  • Heads (toilet facilities) will be sprayed and wiped down after use.
  • Separate hand towels will be provided (red for crew and blue for skipper).
  • Customers and skipper will use area above decks for briefings where possible and try to avoid being below decks at the same time.
  • On deck skipper and customers shall try and maintain a 2m separation unless for safety reasons this needs to be broken.
  • The boat will be thoroughly cleaned between groups.
  • Groups will avoid going ashore where it will create a risk to locals.

Moving forwards

  • The number of households mixing onboard will remain as low as possible and in line with Government guidelines.
  • On multiday courses those from different households will not be asked to share a cabin.
  • On multiday courses customers will initially be offered the opportunity to return to base at the end of each day.


  • If a course is cancelled because a customer becomes sick, they are asked to isolate or due to government restrictions an alternative date or full refund will be issued depending upon the customers preference.